Glam Gallery: Bold Face Makeup (Lash Review)

It's been quite a while since I've done a product review here on my blog but I finally found something I want to talk about. I've been using these lashes for only a week and I would normally test a product out longer for a review, but I'm sure I've made my final thoughts about these. If my opinion changes, I will definitely post an update. Links will be down below as always.
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Go Big or Go Home 

All Glam'D Up

Bold Face Forward

Bold Face Makeup is a seemingly new Indie makeup brand that makes multi-

dimensional eyelashes. They're made to look like mink lashes, but they have a 

 very thin lash band, similar to Ardelle or any other drugstore lashes. 

The volume, however, is similar to that of mink lashes. Which is exactly what I 

personally was looking for in an affordable eyelash. 

There are twelve styles on their website ranging from light volume to heavy 

glam, each pair a lot more dramatic than your typical drugstore lash. The 

lashes are only $8.75 per pair. I'm not sure if this is still being offered, but with 

the purchase of three pairs of lashes, you get free domestic shipping. With all 

that being said, let's get into my thoughts/ opinions of the products.

I am obsessed with these eye lashes. They're so different from any affordable 

lash out there because of their design. There are twelve different styles, like I 

mentioned above and each design is very unique in my opinion. Firstly, I love 

the thin lash band, it was a genius idea. It makes the lashes easy to apply and 

comfortable to wear. A beginner could most likely use these. I also love the 3D, 

faux mink feel created by the multi-dimensional design, giving each lash a full,

fluffy appearance. This really opens up the eyes and adds a doll-like pop to 

your makeup look. The eye lashes are all beautiful to me and I genuinely love 

them and would recommend that you guys check them out.







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